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All who desire more meaning to life and a clearer vision of the now and the future enter in.  

The combined experiences of Lelanie, Jamie and Janet bring years of enlightenment and decades of courage to grow. Come explore our Seminar with open hearts and minds and spirits.

It will connect you to your

Authentic Self”, over and over again.


AngelFire Retreats   Copyrighted 2011


AngelFire Retreats

Invites you to learn and share with us as we come together to explore your spirituality and the world around you in different forms.

AngelFire Retreats will focus on one (out of a series of 8) workshop at each retreat.

This retreat consists of a full-day of intensive experiences. This One-Day Retreat will start you on the path to experiencing a deeper understanding of the world around you and who you can become!

Angelfire Retreats offers spiritual teachings with both physical and mental techniques to help you become more in touch with your






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